Brain Shut Down

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey Google Don't Be Evil

Ok....I am pissed off....I am quite simply put a Google fanboy. Ever since Gmail, I have had a lot of faith in google and now today they are quite simply pissing me off. We've gotten a glispe of Google Base, what appears to be an awesome new google service. But wait why is it going on and off? It has an about page working and some help functionality. In fact it basically seems to be working all together, a product ready for beta. Now a company like google is smart enough to not accidently let the public see an alpha test (as google responded this was) So what is this? Quite simply this was a PR raise google stock. Perhaps it was something to do with the Zeitigist 05 Party Google is throwing, but are people at Google that stupid, that the public could see all this? When according to google it's not coming out for quite a while. Recently the same thing happened with Google Purchases. So quite simply google has become retarded, or evil. Google please, don't become microsoft. Try to listen to your motto, "Don't be Evil".

Monday, September 05, 2005

Snes Rocks

Apparently the SNES was as good as game consoles are going to get. This is why everyone is bidding on all of these. Because everyone knows how much the SNES owns current game systems and it's cheaper then any modern game system/games.

Ya....Where have I been...Screw my Gamecube and Xbox I need to go get me one of them SNES's...They so own...I mean who wants 4 players instead of 2...Online play? What moron thought of that?...And what the hell are these first person shooters? I mean wtf...What a stupid idea...How would that be better then side-scrolling my way to victory....I can't believe I didn't see this before...Dang I must be the biggest moron in the world.